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  • Member agencies must continue to render full agency services in reasonable conformity to the agency service standards set by the association.
  • Members shall retain either the standard commission granted due from the media owners or charge clients service fee which shall never be less than 15% of the client’s gross expenditure. Nor shall they prepare or supply material for advertising on any basis that can be considered as direct secret rebating. Where no commission is allowed by the media owner, the member will charge his clients a minimum of 15% on the gross cost.
  • Members are required to use fair methods of competition, not to offer the services enumerated above or services in addition to those without adequate remuneration or extension of credit facilities or banking services or approach clients of member agencies.No member should take on a client previously held by another member unless all the dues of the previous incumbent have been cleared arrangements among the members themselves. The newly appointed Advertising Agency of the clients will not take up advertising business of such clients unless and until total dues pertaining to not only Press Advertising but also of the production expenses for the same Advertising, bill electronic media, hoarding, cinemas and printing designing, artwork, films and their prints and jingles etc. etc. of the above outgoing agency are settled.The outgoing agency will apprise the Association of such dues which will be communicated by the Association to the newly appointed Advertising Agency as well as copies of N.O.C./clearance certificate. In the case of a dispute arising out of the switch over or in the case of financial dispute, whose decision will be binding on the parties concerned. Ever agency’s client’s record will be maintained in PAA office and changes duly registered which must be supplied by the member agency.
  • Members shall neither prepare nor place any advertisements, in any medium, which
    • Is knowingly a copy or a plagiarism of any other advertisement of any kind whatsoever, whether national or international. 31
    • Makes attacks of a personal character or makes uncalled for reflections on competitors or competitive goods.
    • Is indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive, offensive, antistatic infringes national values and injures any sectarian or religious feeling. A competent committee other than CEC elected members will be instituted to deal with such matters.
    • Is objectionable medical advertising and an offer of free medical treatment advertising that makes a remedial, relief of curative claims, either directly or by inference, not justified by the facts of common experience
    • Concerns a product, known to the member as a dangerous or injurious drug.
    • Or any advertisement which may cause money loss to the reader or injury in health or moral or loss of confidence in reputable advertising and honourable business or which is regarded by the Pakistan Advertising Association as unworthy and is against the interest of the consumer in anyway.
  • Upon any breach by member of the obligations by a member the specially constituted Committee shall set out the circumstances constituting the breach and call for written explanation of the member and give him an opportunity of being heard thereon. This Committee if not satisfied with the explanation may recommend to the CEC:-
    • Warn the member, or
    • Suspend the member from membership of the Association for a period of six months, without any remission in fees or subscriptions paid or due.
    • Recommend to the Association in General meeting expulsion of the member from the Association.