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Principles of Media Buying in Pakistan In the mutual long-term interest of PAA member agencies, advertisers and media and to provide a clear, transparent and equitable method for all member agencies to follow in their dealings with their clients the General Body of PAA proposes the following:

Membership of PAA is based on the basic principle that members are full-fledged advertising agencies that offer integrated services such as strategic planning, creative development and execution, media planning and buying etc, to their clients. PAA members are not expected to act only as strategic consultants, or only as creative studios, of only as film producers, of only as media buying houses, as per PAA rules.

Historically, some clients who work with more than one agency, have for the purposes of better centralized co-ordination and greater efficiencies, been entrusting their total media buying and releases to one of their club agencies. In such cases where an advertiser has multiple brands being handled by different agencies, it could be in the interest of the advertiser to entrust the media planning / buying / releases to one of its club agencies for the following possible reasons:

Over the last few years, a few member agencies were offering ‘media only’ s ervices.

After examining the implications of this recent development with respect to its impact on the advertising agency business as a whole, and also as to whether it is in the interests of advertisers and media in the long term, the PAA came to the conclusion that this development was not in the long term interests of advertising agencies, advertising and media, for the following reasons:

Rules Governing Media Buying / Agency of Record (AOR)

The definition of Agency of Record (AOR) is as follows:

The remuneration principle for an AOR is as follows:

The Executive Committee of the PAA is authorized to take disciplinary action against any member for violation of these rules, including recommending expulsion to the General Body, if it deems fit.