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PAA was preceded by an Advertising Association of Pakistan (AAP) that was first formed in the early 50’s by the pioneering advertising figure, Mr. Wajid Mahmud. These were the early years of independence, when whatever industry existed was served by foreign ad agencies. Things begin to change. Foreign ad-agencies that used to repatriate their profits from Pakistan soon began to either pack up from Pakistan or convert into local companies, now headed by the Pakistani ad practitioners who were once the employees of these foreign companies.

Our industry is in constant state of evolution and we are proud that Pakistan Advertising Association takes a leadership role in this ongoing process. However, while the industry is much changed in the years since the PAA was founded, what has not changed in our ongoing mission – to support agency business to advocate to the government, All Pakistan’s Newspaper Society and Pakistan Broadcasters Association?

The Pakistan Advertising Association has a total of 138 members representing almost all the major advertising agencies in the country.

The PAA member advertising agencies give much importance to their association and the other advertising agencies are coming forward now to become members.

The applicants for membership have to qualify the eligibility criteria and only those who have full-fledged agency business of advertising in Pakistan on ethical lines, not being entirely or partially owned by an advertiser or publication and Media owner shall be eligible for membership of the Association.

In addition business concerns carrying on the business that is publicity film producers, Neon sign advertising agents, Agents of Hoarding, sign Boards, etc, Cinema slide publicity agents and any other type of business connected or associated with advertising are eligible to become Associate members.

The Executive Committee of PAA in its absolute discretion accepts or rejects application of membership unanimously.



All advertising space- TVCs radio time and other material will be bought by the agency on advertiser’s behalf at the prevailing advertisement rates/ tariff of the respective medium.

Advertisers will acknowledge responsibility for all contracts, agreements and arrangements entered into by the agency on advertiser’s behalf with advertiser’s prior approval.

The Standard Advertising Agency Commission allowed to the agency by electronic, print media, outdoor media and other is 15% on the gross rates. This 15% Agency commission normally covers the administrative expenses for media planning, supervision, checking, and billing and ongoing account management but in exceptional cases where the 15% agency commission is not allowed by the media and others, it will be charged from the client as the cost of services rendered by the Agency.

Services (productive etc) purchased by the Agency from other sources/ suppliers will be charged for while the art works, scripts and advertising reproduction material prepared by the Agency for the approved campaign will be charged for at the Standard PAA Minimum Production Tariff rates. In cases where progressive production will lead to any extra expenditure, the Agency shall obtain the Advertiser’s sanction in advance and take the work in hand at the time when Agency’s approval / recommendations/ quotations are approved by the advertiser.

Research work that is Market research, product research and any other such assignments and special field work like TV and Radio productions, public relations, exhibitions etc. or any other special services will be subject to charges.

It is necessary that publishers/ suppliers/ PTV/ PBA invoices are paid by the agency promptly on advertiser’s behalf. It is therefore fundamental to this agreement that the Agency’s invoices are invariably paid by the advertiser as per schedules of payment prescribed by All Pakistan’s Newspaper Society, and Pakistan Broadcasters Association and other media.

All other invoices pertaining to production or services hired on the advertiser’s behalf are to be paid on their respective due dates. All invoices of PBA and APNS members are subject to their Late Payment surcharge Rates, Central Excise and General Sales Tax and any other such charges levied by the government will be borne by the advertiser.

The advertising billing to the Advertiser will be based as per Transmission Certificate (TV), broadcast order (Radio), insertion order (Print) as forwarded to the respective medium. However any deviation e.g. drop of an advertisement TV or Radio spot eligible for accounting as per respective medium code and general practice will be compensated or adjusted through agency’s debit/ credit notes from the running accounts.

The materials, ideas, themes, designs, TV commercials and radio spots, produced by the appointed agency will not be used by the client directly or through another advertising agency/ person(s) or use of any material produced by the appointed agency, either directly by the client or through any other agency/ person(s) the appointed agency will reserve its right and privilege to claim the 15% agency Commission on every direct release made.

In case of termination of the Agency, the material concept or theme and material produced by the outgoing agency will not be allowed to use through any other agency/ person(s) or directly by the client.

While every effort is made by the agency to protect and excuse advertiser’s interest as per Code of Ethics of PAA, APNS and PBA, the Agency bears no responsibility for faulty transmission, broadcasts, and reproductions in process, drop of an advertisement and its compensation by the medium itself which is deviant from the approval schedule.