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Our industry is in constant state of evolution and we are proud that Pakistan Advertising Association takes a leadership role in this ongoing process. However, while the industry is much changed in the years since the PAA was founded, what has not changed in our ongoing mission – to support agency business to advocate to the government, All Pakistan’s Newspaper Society and Pakistan Broadcaster’s Association on behalf of the industry and to provide comprehensive service.

The Pakistan Advertising Association has a total of 68 members representing almost all the major advertising agencies in the country.

The PAA member advertising agencies give much importance to their association and the other advertising agencies are coming forward now to become members.

The applicants for grant of membership have to qualify the eligibility criteria and only those who have full-fledged agency business of advertising in Pakistan on ethical lines, not being entirely or partially owned by an advertiser or publication and Media owner shall be eligible for membership of the Association.

In addition business concerns carrying on the business that is publicity film producers, Neon sign advertising agents, Agents of Hoarding, sign Boards, etc, Cinema slide publicity agents and any other type of business connected or associated with advertising are eligible to become Associate members.

The Executive Committee of PAA in its absolute discretion accepts or rejects application of membership unanimously.