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Membership Criteria


The subscribers of the Memorandum of Association and person admitted to membershiä in accordance with these articles shall be member of the Association. (The word “persons” shall include Sole Proprietorship or a Partnership or Company, provided that intending member must hold National Tax Number, Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and sales Tax Registration if applicable.

These shall be two clauses of Membership:


“Member” means a firm and includes a body corporate and association of persons a company or Multinational Corporation engaged and carrying on the full fledged advertising agency business in Pakistan on ethical line and fits within the defined business scope or area of jurisdiction of Pakistan Advertising Association as provided in the Memorandum & Articles of Association. The members enrolled will be called Corporate Member, having annual turnover of Rs. 50 million or above.


A sole Proprietorship/firm or any other company or a concern, and an organisation which is not a body corporate or a multinational carrying on following types of business shall be eligible for Associate Membership and on enrollment shall be called “Associate Member, having annual turnover of Rs. 50 million or above.


Any person engaged in Advertising business or any combination thereof shall be entitled to be enrolled except where such person is otherwise disqualified for any reason as may be prescribed.



Every applicant for membership shall be an advertising agency proposed by one and seconded by another existing member of the same category. Prescribed application for membership shall contain facts and evidence showing that the prospective member/candidate is duly appointed advertising agent of at least 5 (five) active advertisers, and is fully equipped to run the trade as advertising agency in an efficient manner, have a proven business turn over of Rs. 50 Million, have minimum three professional personnel, one of the owner should have 5 years professional experience.


Any firm or Company carrying on following types of business shall be eligible for Association membership without entitlement of contesting election for an office of the association and without the right to vote.

  • Any Publication, Media – owner, Advertiser.
  • Producers of T.V. Commercials, Cinema publicity firms and documentary films, video films, music and radio programmer.
  • Bill boards, neon sign manufacturer’s agents plastic illuminated advertising sign makers etc.
  • Cinema publicity companies.
  • Printers and producers of point of sale material.
  • Manufacturers of gift items and any other person or organization related to advertising.


Every applicant for membership shall fill in and sign on prescribed application form to be obtained from the office of Association, inter alia agreeing to be bound by the Articles and Bye-Laws of the Association, and furnishing such other information as the Executive Committee may require, and obtain there signatures of at least two existing members of Association, one as the proposer and the other as the Seconder.


Every such application shall be placed by the Secretary General before the Executive Committee at its next ordinary meeting who shall either accept or reject the said application by majority without assigning any reason or reasons there of, subject to any direction issued from time to time under Trade Organizations’ ACT 2013.


In case the Executive Committee rejects the applications, all sum accompanying the application shall be returned to the applicant and no further application from him shall be entertained for a period of six months reckoned from the date of such rejections.


The membership shall be granted for a period of one year and shall expire on the 31st day of March each year irrespective of the date of grant of membership.

The membership shall be renewable on annual basis subject to fulfillment of following conditions, namely.
  • Payment of prescribed subscription within the time stipulated in the Memorandum, which shall not be later than 31st of March; and
  • Proof of filling return of Income Tax and Sales Tax if applicable, for the preceding year



The membership fee and contributions chargeable from each class shall be fixed by Central Executive Committee subject to the approval of the General Body and Director General Trade Organization.
Annual Subscription
Admission Fee
Annual Fee
Corporate Membership Associate Membership Branch Offices in head of Corporate Members
Rs.50,000/-(per Annum) {
{ Rs. 10,000/-
RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES of Associate Members and any Branch Offices of an advertising agency in any Zones of A, B and C shall enjoy all facilities and benefits of the Association available hereinafter without any voting rights.


Besides the admission fee and annual subscription, each member shall pay the principal office contribution for annual subscription to Asian Federation of Advertising Associations, and other contributions as and when required and as fixed by the Executive Committee.


The admission fee shall not be refundable.


All members shall pay their annual subscription, when due, to the Head Office.


The total collection on account of Admission fee and Annual Subscription shall be distributed between Head Office and the Zonal Offices when such offices are setup, in a manner that the share of Head Office shall be 60% and that of the Zones 40%.


If a member fails to pay the annual subscription by 31st day of March in any year, he shall cease to be a member but shall be eligible for restoration of membership by paying full admission fee alongwith full amount of his annual subscription/subscriptions and contributions to be computed from the date its becomes payable after the expiry of period for which the subscription was last paid by him.


In the event of a member being upgraded from one category of membership to another i.e. from Associate Membership to Full Membership, he shall pay the difference of amount between the Annual subscription payable by each respective category.


Any member failing to clear all sums payable to Association including annual subscription shall be treated as defaulters and shall not be entitled to:

  • Become a candidate in elections.
  • Proposed or Second a Candidate.
  • Hold or act convener-shipof any subcommittee/council.
  • Attend meeting or vote in the meeting.
  • Any type of service of PAA.



The Executive Committee may remove from the Register of Members the name of a member whose dues including Annual Subscription and/or contribution approved by the Executive Committee, if any, are not paid from the time on which it should have been paid and who has failed to pay the same within 15 days of the issuance of Notice Demand by the Secretary General of the Association. Upon his name being removed from the Register of Members, shall cease to be a member of the association.


A member whose name has been removed from the Register of membership shall not be re-admitted as a member unless he has paid all previous sum due by him to association on any account and fresh application is made with remittance of Annual Subscription and Admission Fee.


A member shall cease to be a member on happening of any of the following events:

  • Death Resignation, insolvency or conviction of a criminal offence, involving moral turpitude in the case of an individual.

  • Dissolution of business or dissolution in the case ofpartnership.

  • Liquidation, voluntary or otherwise.

  • Ownership passing on to an advertiser or media owner either wholly or partially.
  • Failure to comply with any of the obligations stipulated in these articles.


Every member, wishing to resign may do so in writing, giving not less than one calendar month’s notice to the Chairman of Association and upon the expiration of any such notice and acceptance of resign by Chairman such member shall forthwith be removed from the Register of Membership. Any member so resigning, shall not in any way be absolved from any liability from any dues accrued and unpaid upto the time his resignation is presented.



  • At a General Meeting a member who has completed two years of his membership of Association shall exercise his right to cast vote.

  • In case of an individual, by himself or through an attorney empowered to manage generally the affairs of his agency.

  • In case of a firm, by any partner thereof or through an attorney empowered to manage generally the affairs of his agency.

  • In case of a company, by any Director, General Manager or Secretary or through an attorney empowered generally to manage the affairs of its agency.

  • Every member of the association shall be entitled to attend General Body meeting of the association and may make proposals or suggestions in matter under discussion before the house.

  • Every member and associate member shall be entitled to vote at all General body Meetings.

  • Members shall be entitled to all other privileges which may be conferred on them by the association from time to time.


upon election every member shall fumish to the Association particulars as to the constitutions of the member and the names and addresses of person through whom and the order in which his rights of membership will be exercised and such particulars shall be entered in the Register change in the particulars shall be communicated in writing to the association, as soon as it take place and there UPOn changes shall be made in the Register accordingly. For all the purposes connected with the affairs of the Association, the particulars appearing in the register shall be conclusive.


No person shall be entitled to act or vote on behalf of any member of the Association at any meeting unless and until his name shall be entered in the Register as a person entitled to act or vote for such member, and unless all dues on account of subscription etc. etc have been paid to the association before the meeting.


A member shall be entitled to all such information advice and privileges with regard to the objects of association as it or any of its officers may be able to provide.




A register of members of the association, with particulars as under shall be kept at the Head Office of Association.

  • Name under which the member carries on business.

  • Whether the member is individual, firm or a company

  • Nature of business which the member carries on as defined in these articles.

  • Category of Membership.

  • Address of member.

  • Name of authorized representative in case of member being firm or a company.

  • Date of admission of membership.

  • If and when a member ceases to be a member the date and reason of cessation.


A similar Register shall be kept by each Regional Office in respect of members located in region concerned.


All changes in the address and other particulars of members will be intimated by members in writing to Secretary General and also to the Regional Office, if any, and members, shall have the right to inspect the Register mentioned under sub- paragraph (a) above and suggest correction if any.




Besides its Head Office, the association shall have two Regional/Zone Offices as under:

  • Region “A” Southern Zone at Karachi with area of operation extending over provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan.

  • Region “B” with area of operation extending over Islamabad Capital Territory and province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  • Region “C” At Lahore with area of operation extending over province of Punjab.


Each Regional Office shall be under the charge of a Regional Committee of six persons. Provided that only those members who have their principal place of business in particular Regional shall be eligible for election to the Regional Committee of that Region.


At the expiry of one year from the date of induction into office of the Regional Committee all the members retire from office as the tenure of all elected office bearers shall be one year.


No member of Regional Committee shall hold office for more than two consecutive terms.


Election shall be held in accordance with Bye-Laws



The Regional Committee shall have the following power and functions.


Each of the Zone shall have Zonal/Regional Committees which will function in their respective zones.


The member of each Zone/Region will decide the strength and composition of their respective Zone / Regional Committee but the number of the members of the Regional Committee shall not exceed 6.


The Regional Committee shall maintain proper accounts of all receipts and expenditure and shall submit their duly audited accounts.


Not with standing anything here in before contained the Regional Committee shall correspond with the provincial Government or authorities of Provincial or Central Government in the province, strictly on matters which concerned Zones/Regions and matter having All Pakistan bearing shall be dealt with by and through Central Executive Committee of the Association only. Provided that if the Central Executive Committee differs with the Regional Committee, the opinion expressed or representation made by the later shall also be forwarded by the Central Executive Committee with its own views to the appropriate authorities.


The Regional Committee shall carry on its activities within the Region to the extent they relate to the problems of the industry whose bearing is confined to the province. Policy matters affecting the Advertising Profession as a whole or whose impact extends beyond the province shall be handled by the Central Executive Committee of association alone which shall have all powers of supervision and control over the working of Regional Committees.


To receive applications for admission as members from those engaged in the Advertising agency business within the Region and to forward the same to the Secretary General with its observation and recommendations.


To recommend to the Executive Committee expulsion or removal of a member within its jurisdiction from the membership of the Association.